Solar hot water inspection

If you have had a solar hot water system installed on your property and you would like one of our specialists to come to you and inspect your system to ensure it has been installed correctly then contact us – simply email an enquiry with your contact details and suburb to organise one of our friendly staff members to arrange a call to organise a visit.

We will go over the system to ensure the following are installed in accordance with the VBA regulations.

  • Water pipes.
  • Gas pipe.
  • Flow and return pipes.
  • Tank is correctly installed.
  • Instantaneous booster is mounted correctly

Solar Hot Water Maintenance

Solar hot water systems can only save you money if the system works.  
If one of these parts is not functioning correctly your system will not work efficiently

  • Panel sensor
  • Tank Sensor
  • 18m extension sensor
  • Solar pump
  • Solar controller

If any of these things are not working, you would not even know. 
As well as costing you extra on your gas it could potentially cost you thousands in repair costs. 
Solar panels burst every year due to a faulty solar component and sensors. 
Replacing the panel/s can cost more than $1,000. 

This can all be prevented by having one of our specialists come by. 


With one of our visits, you can expect.  

  • Filters cleaned to allow better flow.
  • All sensors checked to ensure optimal solar gain.
  • Controller operations checked and tested.
  • Solar pump checked and tested.
  • Temperature checked to ensure it does not exceed the legal maximum to prevent burns.
  • PTR lines flushed and cleaned.
  • The exterior of the system cleaned up for a better shine.
  • Overall system operations report will be emailed. 
  • We can even contact the manufacturer for you to get an expected cost and give them the details required.
  • VBA requirements will be checked and if anything is up to standards, we will let you know.
  • Gas leak test can be carried out to ensure there is no gas leaking around the system or in your house.

Solar Electricity health check

We have a crew of experienced solar electricians that can inspect, do a health check and all-round system status on your solar electricity as well.  Prices vary depending on your house size and system size. 

Let us know your suburb, house size and system size so we can give you an obligation free quote. Help us, help you.